Saturday, March 10, 2007

Arthur's Busy-ness

I'm sitting here on a Saturdy morning feeling healthier, wiser and motivated for new vocational directions.

Lifestyle changes driven originally by take the test are having an intitial dramatic impact. The incredible dietary change resulting from Lietta's research and committment to change has been augmented by my own promise to exercise frequently.

At work - where I'm authorized a morning and afternoon break, I stopped sitting and reading and committed to walking. 7 1/2 minutes from the office and 7/12 minutes back morning and afternoon. Add to that a 15 minute walk during my lunch hour and the results have been very gratifying and motivating.

Not only are my clothes already fitting better, but my internal sense of health, energy and mobility are readily apparent moment to moment.

I have very little sense of weight loss but know that there has been an initial reduction because my pants fit more loosely and my discomfort in hot environments and heating up from exercise has lessened considerably. At first I had a fear that walking would force me to give myself minibaths, change shirts and sit in front of a fan for a long time before being able to return to work.

For the most part that hasn't happened, although I do have a problem at work in a poorly ventilated interview room that suffers mini-global warming (by mid morning on warm days, that room is like an oven) that the landlord has yet to resolve. However, for someone who could raise a sweat by climbing the stairs at home, the difference and improvement is radical.

Furthermore, I have to comment on what apparently is the effect of regular coffee consumption on the Type II diabetes I expected to commence a year or so ago. Studies indicate that coffee consumption reduces the probablity of Type II onset by as much as 30%.

.... and for someone like me who avoided coffee for religious reasons for the most of the first 45 years of my life.

Anyway, with the support of my beautiful companion who immediately moved into lifestyle change when the test indicated that my chronological age of 60 does not reflect my actual health age up in the 70's.

So far so good.


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