Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Bush, Talk to Cindy!" - Seattle overpass support Tuesday
Getting the word out in Seattle on Day 3 with great response!
Tuesday August 9, 2005 see more photos at MVP, Seattle

I'm proud of my home state, Washington. Seattle was on board and already bannering, along with sidewalk vigils for Cindy by the third day of Camp Casey, in Crawford, Texas. Here is photo of one of the freeway banners. While I was at Crawford, camping in a tent in a ditch at Camp Casey, for the week I was there, I was pleased to be able to report that Washington state was already showing support for Cindy. I'm proud of you all, and you know who you are...thank you for helping me to take the flavor of Washington's support for Cindy with me to Crawford, Texas. Lietta. Posted by Picasa


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