Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bugliosi testimony at 'Impeachment Hearing' of Bush Administration; July 25, 2008

There was an Impeachment Hearing in Congress on Friday, July 25, 2008 (google Impeachment Hearings in news to read more - here is brief synopsis). Maybe it wasn't widely reported in the news, but C-Span did carry it - 6 hours. Rep. Kucinich was persistent in getting the Hearing, and while it was more of a Hearing to determine if Impeachment Hearing should be initiated, it did provide for testimony entered into the Congressional Record. I'm delighted that Vincent Bugliosi was invited to share testimony based on his latest released book (which we bought and own) 'The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder'

Here are the three youtube videos of Vincent Bugliosi testimony at the Hearing.

Vincent Bugliosi at the Hearing, in response to question from Rep. Jackson Lee. Bugliosi makes the case for why Saddam Hussein was not an imminent threat to the United States of America. Bugliosi makes important distinction that it was moot whether Saddam did or did not have weapons of mass destruction. Rather that in classified document provided to this Administration, 16 intelligence agenices counseled and advised that Saddam was not a threat; whereas the White Paper presented by the Administration to Congress and the American people did not disclose this advising counsel. Rather the White Paper presented as fact (that Saddam was an imminent threat to U.S.) when, in fact, it was not factual. Thus is the lie by which this Administration perpetrated on this country, leading the U.S. to invade Iraq on an entirely false premise.


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