Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let's Get Ugly

Overcoming the ugly - blech. Mind you, we live in a fishing village with homes that range from deserted passed down thru the generations grandparents homesteads to high-end 'million dollar view of the bay' homes. Our century old house is located in the 'town' part of this peninsula while the newer, designer homes dot the bay in developer's dreams of closed gate communities. They continue to dream for now, but as our little paradise gets itself found, could be we would lose the unique identity of this 'back in time' village.

Our house then is located amongst other homes on our streets with a mix of 'how sweet' to too bad they don't tear that place down to abandoned and overgrown and lost to the blackberry growth which almost covers the house.

homestead in our community engulfed by blackberry bush overgrowth

So having set the stage, now can begin to show the 'ugly' of our house. Starting with the propane tank. PO converted the hot water and kitchen stove to propane - good idea! However, setting up the propane tank and pipes gives the side of the house a full on view of the propane tank - guess it's our permanent ornament.

Mind you, it's located right on the street side of the house, not at all hidden away in some less visible corner of the property, so it's the first thing you see turning the corner at the intersection, and most folks visiting us park alongside that side of the street - Hello Propane Tank! But hey, at least we upgraded from the old, ugly propane tank that was here when we bought the house to a shiny new propane tank!

New propane tank!

Oh, hmmm, there's a story to my Sweetie's plans to sell the old propane tank and offset costs. For a while there we had two yard ornaments; the old tank and the new tank, while my Sweetie tried to figure out how he was going to transport the old tank even if he did find someone who wanted to buy it. NOT! I'm a patient wife, and amusingly wait for some of Sweetie's ideas to reach fruition until the amusing aspect wears off and with this idea of his, the amusement wore off fairly quickly. 2003 and we were having family come for Thanksgiving and I was hostessing his office Christmas party that year so I was really - Really not wanting family and guests to have the delightful first view of the two propane tanks, the old one and the new one, while parking their cars. Much as I was lauging off the 'yard ornament', it just flat out makes a 'statement' that I just wasn't quite ready of willing to identify with .... Sweetie finally agreed to have the propane company take the old tank off our hands ... safely ... much to my relief.

Bye bye to old propane tank!

entry by Lietta Ruger - the woman of the house


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