Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thanks to for adding our blog to the webring

Yippeee, our Bay Tower House blog has been added to HouseBlogs Webring. We're in good company now with other owners of old houses blogging their show and tell experiences and renovations with their great old houses. I'm so glad we found and the 240 other housebloggers blogs that are there sharing their experiences.

Also thank you to all who are visiting our blog, now that it has been added to

We hope to learn from many of you who are putting in the labor of love in your own great old houses. When we travelled through this area on our way to somewhere else, I was so struck by all the 'cool ol' houses' that it prompted us to make a decision to move away from the city, and after being here a while and renting other people's cool ol' houses, we bought this one.

entry by Lietta Ruger - the woman of the house


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