Thursday, March 8, 2007

504,000 Troops have deployed more than once to Iraq/Afghanistan

Found this from Shaun at Upper Left blog who says he hates what they are doing to his army, then cites some number crunching. I wanted to capture the numbers -- accurate number crunching about mulitiple rotated deployment tours this 'all volunteer' military is forced (drafted) to do voluntarily - over and over again. I guess that is okay with the Administration, Congress and the American public, who continues to favor the argument that they knew what the signed up for when they took that oath, or as Congress argues that we can't bring them home, or this Commander-in-Chief who seems more intent on a stubborn-ness of will contest while real people die daily in his war debacle .....

Do these numbers have the ring of truth to you that these kids knew what they were signing up for ?

From Upper Left blog -

I hate what they are doing
…to my Army, and I hate that they're doing it over and over again. New numbers from the Center for American Progress.

Brigades with one tour in Iraq or Afghanistan: 12
Brigades with two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 20
Brigades with three tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 9
Brigades with four tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 2
What's that mean in terms of people?
...a total of 420,000 troops have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan more than once, and over 84,000 National Guard and Reservists have done multiple tours.
Hell with a revolving door.



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