Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Project; Hanging Pendant lights from Vintage Jello Molds

Now this is an idea that might be fun to try. Making lights from vintage jello molds. I have not yet converted anything into a lamp or light, so I'm not one to give advice. Instead I'll take it on the advice of others who have converted old treasures into lamps or hanging pendant lights. A series of hanging pendant lights seems to be a trend right now.

Found at decor8 and read the post and comment for yourself, as others who have converted a lamp say it's a fairly simple process using converter kit available at hardware stores.


Hurrayic said...

Reminds me of some pendants I saw hanging in a local artsy restaurant, except theirs was made from old colanders and spoons and bits of colored glass. I like the molds idea - thanks.

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