Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

I took Friday off and today we're in day two of "just us" for the weekend.
Sunday will mark 11 years and it hardly seems that long. Often in earlier years we would journey back up to Skagit County where we were married and drive out to the water where we were married by a Christian Native-American Shaman in his home.

We will view a VHS recording of our wedding tomorrow and celebrate with a wedding dinner out at the Tokeland Hotel.

It's a quiet time for us - an interlude almost from the past and what lies in store in the future. Political activism has been a dominant theme in our home now since the start of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Resistance on our part has continued without let up and what with speaking at rallies, workshops and most recently the Citizens Hearing on the Illegality of the War, we see no end in sight to at least some activism-related travel and speaking as well as our primary staple of online blogging.As I write this, we're listening to a CD entitled A Walk in the Deep Woods with it's quiet morning slumbering melody augmented by the occasional light calls of birds. Our home in Bay Center possesses these elements as the area is so thinly populated that it is perpetual silence of remoteness from the urban that get's interrupted occasionally by city noise.

Like yesterday when I was power walking, I heard an ambulance or police siren - something I have not heard here since we moved in in 2002 but perhaps 3-4 times.

So our anniversary weekend moves on and we sit silently at separate computers but a mere 10 feet apart - saying little but loving each other a lot.


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