Sunday, January 7, 2007

Independent America: November 2006

Independent America: November 2006:

"We're two former network news journalists who have just finished production on our own road movie across the United States. More than ever it seems like it's Independent America vs. Corporate Chain store America. We searched for those pressure points along with our Black lab Miles in some of the most scenic, least traveled corners of the country. We endeavored to make our 55-day trip without setting one tire on an interstate highway – without setting one foot inside a corporate chain restaurant, motel or store." view trailer here

I am so impressed with the concept of two journalists crossing the backroads of America, finding what remains of the Mom and Pop stores in communities who have permitted the 'big box' stores to come into their communities. I haven't seen the dvd, but there are clips available and it looks like a dvd worth owning.

Independent America featured in Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone with five clips from the dvd;

clip part one

clip part two

clip part three

clip part four

clip part five


Arthur Ruger said...

I like this blog. Exceptionally eye captivating.

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