Sunday, January 28, 2007

You Must Be a Military Brat if....

.... when you see vapor trails in the sky, you ASSUME they're from military aircraft.

... when you hear sonic booms, you snap to attention. notice increased military air-traffic prior to or during the escalation of international crisis. feel irritated at civilians who can smile and laugh at everyday events on the day we declare war.

...everyone asks where you're from because they just can't quite peg your accent obsessively return to the dozen places you lived when you were a kid to "see what's changed".

...your wish you could discuss politics in greater detail with your father (or mother), but he/she refuses to tell you what he/she *really* thinks about his/her boss-- the Commander in Chief. are taught being naked is bad but its perfectly alright that the women in naples walked around topless and their children played naked in the gutters hate living in the same place for more than two years, hate packing and cleaning, have your personal effects reduced each year instead of added to because of the moves

...tabula rasa means scrubbing white walls clean

...when you go on vacation you dont have to pay for lodging because you have friends everywhere in the world

...its perfectly acceptable not to write to your friends and still be considered a good friend can adopt any accent, cause you lived everywhere that were in your 2nd grade class in Ft. Monroe, VA were in your 9th grade class in Heidelberg, Germany

...your significant other is a brat, and you compare posts move or change jobs every two years left your mother in Germany

...your father is still working on the same artillery project for 12 years used to bag groceries at the commissary miss not having an ID card

...if the smell of Brasso makes you homesick.

...when asked how short are you know the correct answer is "short enough to sit on the edge of a dime an dangle your feet," and not that that you're 6ft tall.

...when a movie starts you get ready to stand up waiting for the national anthem to play as well as that little musical ditti that leads into the upcoming features

.... if "duck and cover" reminds you of those worthless 1960's era bomb drills held in base elementary schools, instead of tornado alerts like the civies remember!

... if you still refer to your underwear as "skivies". used left over k-rations when you played pioneer/cowgirl

... you know how to fold a flag, even though you were never in Scouts

... your friends expect you to know the songs for all the branches of the military - and you do


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