Friday, January 26, 2007

Projects; Not just for Holidays

These kinds of ideas really belong more to my Skinflint Curmudgeon website and blog, and as I find the time to refocus my energies, I will loop Skinflint Curmdugeon, Everything Old is New Again, Wonderwander, our Bay Tower House at houseblogs, Wee Garden, and I will need to make a new blog for converting to Vegetarian. I think Skinflint will be good place to proffer 'green living' along with thrifty, frugal tips.

Holidays - why not all winter long!

-- from The Homespun Heart blog

Use one pint size canning jar (not the wide mouth) and one glass votive holder . The votive holder should be shaped like a flower pot or have enough of a lip to sit on the top of the canning jar steadily.

Place sprigs of evergreen in the jar. Fill about 3/4 with water. Top with fresh cranberries.

Place votive holder with candle in the top! So pretty and festive.

A clever garland - not just for holidays!

wooden beads, spools, calico ribbon, wire hangers

Spray paint one package of small wooden beads red. How I did this was to unwind a wire coat hanger, thread all the beads on and poke one end of the hanger into the ground outside - then just walk around and spray. Very easy.

Glue homespun/calico fabrics around wooden spools. I also decided to wrap twine around some.

Thread beads and spools onto twine into desired length. Tie bows in between to stretch the wooden items. Hang!

Note: two packages of spools and one package of beads made this length, plus two smaller ones that would equal this much again.

Not just for Autumn!

Stand a bunch of ears of corn that are tied together in a wide-mouth canning jar. Raffia is a natural choice for tying them together as it blends in with the husks so well and looks very appropriate for Fall.


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