Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My turn to write in our journal

I'm glad Arthur started this blog journal. The idea was to capture a few thoughts at the end of the day to indicate what we did that day. Not because it is exceedingly interesting, or even interesting at all, but for us, as a couple, it is interesting - to us. Arthur has kept just such a hand-written journal in his historical past and I have encountered it and found it a fascinating endeavor - disciplined. Something I'm not when it comes to writing, correspondence, journaling.

I have journaled extensively before, but I have never developed the discipline to write daily in a journal or diary. Or even weekly in a journal. So Arthur started this blog for us and I do hope to enter some thoughts from time to time to reflect our lives together.

Right now we are transitioning to vegetarian lifestyle in our food. For a much long account of our first outing and how I carefully researched and arrived at how we would kick off this re-introduction to vegetarian, visit my blog entry
at my blog, 'Bundelz - Putting it all together'. Last weekend, this was our one and only trip out of the house, to purchase the pantry items I would need to convert us to vegetarian. Short of it is that I am introducing primarily Thai recipes for the spicy, flavorfulness rather than going with traditional flavorless vegetarian recipes.

Arthur is full board at work to make our online activities generate some income.

I'm not yet there, where he is, but have approached it several times, mentioned to him and if he waits till I get around to it, we'll be at same place next year. I think he realizes that and he has focused his energies on making us a livlihood online. I'm curious, interested and far from detached. Somehow, I think, what I am doing (online that is) feeds into what he is generating, but I'm not yet sure how it ties together.

I have been eager to reach a target date I set for myself to 'conclude' my activism work and turn my attention in other directions. That target date has been reached and while it is not the conclusion of our activism work, it is the conclusion of my full-time 24/7 committment to the activism to bring an end to Iraq occupation and get our troops home. Four years I've been doing this and I've rather exhausted myself. How can I tell? Because I find myself quick to anger, resentful and feeling mean-spirited about the whole peace/activism movement. It's time for me to get some balance back into my personal life. Turning attention to creative things, new challenges, ie, self-teaching myself to cook Thai, Mediterranean, Indian cuisines; returning to my oil painting - getting to the place of a painting a day; blogging on refashioning and repurposing used items - a way to recycle without being so serious; yard and vegetable garden; house projects, etc. I'm feeling the energy again and know it is right and good.

So, dear Arthur, I do hope you will return to our Day's End Journal from time to time and keep our journal updated. So will I, even if it's just a line or two about day's events.


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