Thursday, February 22, 2007

Project; Another Wall Art framed collection - crocheted doilies

More at Decor 8 this morning. What a keen way to personalize your creative space. I like these 'floating' shelves which seem to be so popular right now. They aren't solid enough to hold anything too heavy, but keeping it light and simple is a clean way for this clutter bug to go.

I am liking how she frames and shows off the crocheted doilies. Not sure if they are works she has done or found, but I love to grab a well made crocheted doily on my thrift store excursions. Interesting idea to frame them in a collection as another work of 'wall art'.


Smila said...

I like this place very much!

Johannasjewelry said...

Framing doilies is a great idea. I crochet doilies all the time! Thanks for sharing.

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