Thursday, February 15, 2007

Project; diy Denim Organizer

Now here is something I can do with all those pockets I cut off of old pants. And I'm sure I have a pair of used denim jeans around here. The instructions are real simple, and even I can 'make this project'. See the instructions (such as they are) here

instructions given - (note, I in this is Homespun Heart I - not me I); And, this hanging organizer was born! I cut a leg off of a pair of jeans and cut down one side so that when I opened it flat it was a bigger piece of denim. That formed the backing and is why the backing is not perfectly straight as legs of jeans are tapered. Then I sewed pockets and made "pockets" to hold gloves and hats. Scarves are hanging on a hanger next to this.


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