Thursday, February 22, 2007

Project; Wall Art Framed using Job Jackets

Found this image at Decor8 of what looks like a fun project to use magazine, poster, art, child's art, awards, whatever else comes to mind to create an 'art wall' setting. The project uses what are called job jackets.
Can't you see some interesting ideas developing for use in your home - teen's room, bathroom, reading room, kitchen! Think of textures, designs you can coordinate, mix and match and make your own wall art statement.

Kitchen; photos of food, thin cookbooks,seed packages,calendar pages.

Childs room; child's art, nursery story photos, childrens books

Teen's room; oh the teens - record album covers, posters cut to size, magazine photos, cd covers, favorite visual teen things.

Bathroom; nautical magazines, seashore - seaside - seashell photos or use the real things, geometric designs in colors if that matches your bathroom theme, greeting cards.

I can think of several things I might do with the transparent film covers I already have for use in binders. And next time I'm in the city where those kind of stores reside, I'll look around for 'job jackets'.


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