Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Project; Coil or Rope Rug or flat wrap rag rugs

Try saying that fast three times: Flat Wrap Rag Rugs

I thought about making a coiled rag rug years ago, didn't get around to it, and still want to give it a try. When I ran across a post at one of my listservs with some helpful links and suggestions, I knew I had to get it posted to my blog so I could refer back to it. Sooner than Later, I hope.

From Sharon; I have made rag baskets with the coil wrap method - no glue, sewing, crocheting!

Same thing for a rug - it's just a FLAT basket!

You can buy cotton cord in the fabric shop. but any kind of rope or cord will work. Be creative - Use an old jump rope! You can Google up Coil wrap fabric to get several sites with the info.

Coil Wrap Technique

Best written instructions (she does not use the glue - the very first inch of the coil - use masking tape - after that you just continue to do the coiling - no glue at all.)

More with photo

More with photo

I like the idea of using old jumprope (thrift store finds?) and wrapping fabric around them to create a coil rug.


Heather said...

I tried the link for coiled rug instructions (http://tinyurl.com/y4buhl) and it did not work. Could you post the whole address? Thank you!

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